In 2016, ToxInvent started manufacturing and selling worldwide the set of bioluminescence dyes: D-Luciferin, D-Luciferin K-salt , D-Luciferin Na-salt. All the products are of the highest grade of purity and biological performance, guaranteeing the customer the perfect reproducibility and the strongest signal in both in vivo and in vitro tests. In 2017 has added D-Aminoluciferin, L-Aminoluciferin and coelenterazine h to the portfolio.

 All of the bioluminescence dyes are being manufactured routinely in compliance with the toughest standards of biotech industry with the full control of the supply chain from the raw materials up to packaging and ensuring the same quality. We do not need any time for resynthesis, all the products can be supplied (even in 100 g -1000 g quantities) from our consignment stock and packaged according to the customers requirements.


All the technologies are the know-how of ToxInvent OÜ. 


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